Development Opportunities of the Windham Airport

The prepared diagram and accompanying table depict available areas for development and potential uses. Detailed descriptions including the area, existing topography, and the availability of utilities, among other characteristics have been prepared for individual parcels and can be made available by contacting the CAA.


Development Considerations
  • FAA Airport Design Standards
  • FAR Part 77
  • Federal Obligations
  • Site Topography
  • Utility Availability or Constraints
  • Ground and Airside Access
  • Compatible Land Use
  • Environmental Impacts
Parcel Current Use Recommended Use
A Open Space Aviation- Tie-downs/Private Hangars
B Open Space Aviation- Tie-downs/Private Hangars
C Turf Tie-down Aviation- Hangars**
D Turf Tie-down Aviation- Hangars
E Open Space Aviation- Hangars**
F Open Space Aviation- Tie-downs/Private Hangars
G Hangar & Parking Aviation or Non-Aviation Development
H Wooded & Landfill Wooded & Landfill
Note: Numbered parcels represent existing airport leaseholds. **Indicates space is no longer available.