Leasing & Development Opportunities

Bradley International Airport is more than the second largest airport in New England.

Its service area covers the entire Northeast, including Western Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey. It contributes

$4 billion in economic activity to the state of Connecticut and the surrounding region, representing $1.2 billion in wages and 18,000 full-time jobs.

As a major hub of the region’s economy, Bradley International Airport is an exceptional place to do business, offering a busy and dynamic business environment connected to major transportation infrastructure and a diversified labor force. Business leaders exploring relocation or expansion opportunities should contact the CAA.

For a diagram outlining development land, view the map. Available land is highlighted in red. Leasing opportunities also exist within Terminal A.

To learn how Bradley can play a role in your business strategy, contact Mark Beall, Senior Manager of Business Development, at [email protected] or (860) 254-5831.